Company Information|History


1877 Gonnosuke Sueno founded a pharmacy, "SUENO HACHIMOKU-DO", at 1-39 Karamono-cho Higashi-ku Osaka.
1891 Gonnosuke Sueno (the 2nd generation owner) succeeded the family business.
1913 Started sales of packaging materials for pharmacies to enter the packaging field.
1918 Started export of sanitary materials to enter trading business.
1920 Relocated the Office to 1-18-27 Edobori Nishi-ku Osaka (present Head Office' location).
1952 The name and organization of SUENO HACHIMOKU-DO changed and a company under the name SHOWA BOEKI CO., LTD. established. Akira Sueno (the 3rd) assumed the presidency.
1953 Began full-scale operation of import of lemons and entered food field.
1958 Opened Tokyo Branch Office (presently Tokyo Branch).
1964 Opened Hong Kong Branch Office (presently SHOWA BOEKI (ASIA) CO., LTD.).
1969 Opened Holland Business Office (presently SHOWA BOEKI (EUROPE) B.V.).
1974 Opened New York Business Office (presently SHOWA BOEKI (U.S.A.) CORP.). Showa Building (present Head Office building) completed.
1984 Akiyoshi Sueno (the 4th) assumed the presidency.
1985 Concluded an Exclusive Distributor's Agreement with AGIP s.p.a (Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli; Presently ENI s.p.a., ITALY) and launched motor oil sales.
1988 Started import of nursing-care equipment from Europe to enter healthcare field.
1999 Relocated Tokyo Branch to 4-13-5 Nihonbashi-Honcho Chuo-ku Tokyo.
2004 Acquired ISO9001:2000 certification to cover the fields of packaging materials and import/wholesale/distribution of agricultural materials, agricultural produce and foods. Relocated SHOWA BOEKI (U.S.A.) CORP. to Los Angeles.
2009 Akihiko Sueno (the 5th) assumed the presidency.